Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mid-week Repor(t)

  • Goodman's blog reports that Dave Odom got lucky this time, incomign freshman Mike Holmes qualified (remember Chad Gray?), and fiery Bruce Pearl gets extended thru 2013 with a total compensation package of $1.3 million per year. To put it in perspective a lot of people may never earn that much their whole life in income, before taxes/FICA/etc
  • Ole Roy gets a big man, after going 0 out of 3. More on this at Recruiting Wars. Also there a link to a story by Skwara on the coaches being split on early recruiting of 14 year olds and such.
  • Speaking of Roy Williams, he announced today that he is dealing with vertigo. Vertigo, the real thing, not vertigo from the success and high profile of the North Carolina job. I kid you not!
  • Gary Parrish has a reader's appreciation mailbag day
  • Dick Hoops Weiss says DeMarcus Nelson will be out six weeks with a broken hand. He also has updates on the upcoming Empire State games. Hoops also reports that grouchy giant Jeff Rouland, the 2-28 head coach of Iona last year, will get an NBDL gig
  • Every 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament game on DVD!

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