Saturday, July 07, 2007

Weekend update

  • Discover three new basketball blogs
  • John Clay's Sidelines mailbag tries to find an answer to the Mickie DeMoss mystery
  • Goodman has a number of updates: LeBron's skills academy bringing along Coach Dirty Rat K, Calhoun, Izzo State, along with many college players; Thabeet's dream, Thad Matta recovering (not from the departure of Oden and Conley), while Ole Roy got lucky when the 10% won over Tywon Lawson.
  • TAD (Truth About Duke) talks about Josh Mecha-Roberts plunging to the 2nd round. If it wasn't for the AAU connection to Greg Oden, hello basketball league of Luxermberg!
  • SEC rivarly at A Sea of Blue, Kentucky vs Tennessee
  • Work in progress, a gigantic 2007-2008 season preview, with links to many sites and previews.
  • HoopsCoach talks about paying your dues, the good and the bad, and a lot more
  • Recruiting stuff at Recruiting Wars
  • Latest teams to be previewed by CHN's 144 previews are Bucknell, Utah, StJohns
  • While the next John Beilein (Jerry Weinwright of DePaul) is busy with the under 19 team, Jay Wright and Mark Gottfried are working with a 30-man roster for the Pan-Am games. Among the college stars involved with that team are Hibbert, Ellington, Hendrix (not Jimmy), Devendork (typo intended), Chalmers and Collins, Taz Mitchell, Kyle Weaver, Chris "3" Lofton, and many more, well 30 to be precise.
  • Fran Fraschilla takes a look at the U19 team, in an Insider story that is currently free to read. (Oh the silliness!)
  • Every 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament game on DVD!

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