Friday, January 19, 2007

All you can eat Fridays! (West Coast Edition)

These are the Analysts Segment

  • Don McLean (FSN analyst and UCLA's highest scorer ever): "Arizona doesn't play zone". Well Donnie, you should really watch some Arizona games this year. You are after all covering the Pac-10. This year Arizona plays almost as much zone as Jim Boeheim. You get 2-3, 1-3-1, and even some other tweaks/variations. Sure, Arizona doesn't play zone. Yeah. Okay. You convinced me!

  • If you are a 7-footer and you don't get to play against the Lopez Twins, you may want to consider transfering or listening to the coach. I am not talking about Oregon's Ray Schaefer ;-)
  • Has Kevin Galloway transfered out of USC or not? Because he played against Arizona on Thursday. CORRECTION!!!. This is the last time I trust what the TV announcers say. Apparently Daniel Hackett changed his jersey number once again, this time taking #13, vacated by the transfer of Kevin Galloway. So Golloway is gone, and this comment is officially invalid! CORRECTION!!!!
  • Lute Olson is notorious for being stingy with timeouts. The total opposite of Pete Gillen (not Gillan, he wasn't a member of Deep Purple). He even has his own Wiki entry.
  • You can call former Washington guard Harvey Perry a Vandal, and he won't be offended. Why????
  • Sean Williams was a highly sought out late under the radar type of recruit from the West Coast that Al Skinner managed to grab despite Arizona and others going after him. Now (it seems) he is off the team (once again). Does anyone know what the reason for the dismissal was? Please don't tell me it was something silly like drinking beer or smoking "things"...
  • Tom Brennan jinxed his old team as he predicted as very comfortable victory at home against Maine.
  • I thought the final score of the Wake Forest - Duke game was the half-time score. It looks like Chris Paul meant a whole lot more to Wake Forest than most people thought.
  • You may remember Bruce Pearl going crazy and getting a technical on the road at Auburn. If you watch the footage carefully you will notice that Dane Bradshaw is actually the one who triggers Bruce Pearl's outburst. Right after the timeout call was made, Bradshaw went crazy-mad as he was running towards the bench and Pearl, and then Pearl got crazy at the officials.
  • Planning a Maui Vacation for Thanksgiving 2007? You can catch the Maui Invitational as well. The field is set for 2007, with Arizona State, Duke, Illinois, LSU, Marquette, Oklahoma State, Princeton, host Chaminade. Coach K may get a chance at avenging the 2006 Sweet 16 loss to LSU (Geau Tigers!)

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