Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thank you Paul Hewitt!

Thank you Paul Hewitt for beating the Dookies! I knew I could count on you for at least one W over the Dookies.

Thank you Georgia Tech players, students, fans, alumni, cheerleaders, parking attendants, secretaries, professors, fellows, janitors, and everyone else!

Go Rumblin Wreck! Go Yellow Jackets!

This is even more so exciting because Duke not only lost two back to back games, but they also lost two games they would have won in any other year.

So let us celebrate a victory for college basketball and fair and square competition, and an end to Duke Favoritism by the NCAA!


Anonymous said...

They sure are on TV a lot. What is the appeal with these guys. There's 50 schools I'd rather watch than Duke.

ncaahoops said...

Indeed, every Duke game is on. Even on down years like this one, they have their total cupcake games on TV. They pass up some real good games such as Texas A&M at LSU and instead they show RPI #150 at Duke, and Duke barely beats them this year :-)

But the expression on Coach K's face after a loss is ...priceless :-)

Neel Mehta said...

As a Duke alum out West, I appreciate being able to see the team regularly without a satellite hookup. But yes, they are on too much, and this season they haven't been all that fun to watch (even when they win).

ncaahoops said...

I'm all for having every single college basketball game on TV.

I usually object only when good games are not shown nationally on ESPN/2(eg Texas A&M at LSU) but instead they show a designer team (eg Duke) playing a mid-major/cupcake at home.

Being on all the time when a team struggles can hurt a team's future recruiting. Mark Few and Coach K must have been glad the 1st half of their game was not shown nationally because the previous game went into multiple overtimes. It was a horrible half, so it probably saved them in the eyes of future recruits...

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