Friday, January 12, 2007

Weekly preview shows on TV

Are you looking for a 30-minute show to preview the weekend's action? You are in luck! A number of these shows are now available on a national level via digital cable or satellite. If I missed any, please email me, or write them in as a comment below.

Here they are
(all times are pacific; add +3 for eastern):

  • Gameday, on either ESPN or ESPN2. One hour show previewing the day's action with Vitale, Bilas, Hubert, Digger and Reece.
  • Basketball Weekly, produced by CSS, it airs on CSTV on Saturday morning and on Fridays on some regional Comcast Sports Nets. Bob Wenzel is the basketball analyst. They cover most of the BCS conference matchups of the week.
  • The Three Point Club, airs on CSTV early Saturday, and mostly covers upcoming SEC action.
  • The Big 12 Preview Show, airs on CSTV, Fox College Sports and regional FSNs. The title says it all. Airs on various days/times.
  • The Drive, airs on Fox College Sports and regional FSNs, on Mondays (locally on Sundays). This covers upcoming games along with the previous week of action. Focuses on the Big 12 mostly, and particularly the three major D1 teams in Kansas (Wichita State, Kansas State, and Kansas)
  • ACC Basketball Today, on Fox College Sports on Saturday mornings and other times. As the name suggests, it is mostly about the ACC where Dan Bonner can feel comfortable enough to predict 13 teams from the ACC making the NCAA tourney this year ;-).
  • Inside College Basketball, on ABC. Debuts this week at 3pm. May start a bit later if the live games before it take longer than expected. Not sure exactly what this show will feature, probably a blend of things from other ESPN properties?

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