Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Night Hoops

  • NBA Draft coverage tv schedule
  • College Hoops in general TV schedule
  • Majerus continues to scoop up recruits as if they were plates at an all you can eat buffet (sorry, I couldn't resist saying that), while Arizona picks up a top 100 center that recently decommitted from PitinoVille. More at Recruiting Wars
  • Goodman's blogs looks at the list of the 15 players invited to the famous Green Room of the NBA draft at MSG. Goodman predicts who may be the last one(s) picked from that group of 15.
  • Goodman also looks at the next season prospects for Oklahoma, Southern Illinois and Rice.
  • Preseason top 25 by Fox Sports
  • A Sea of Blue opines on this Coach Dracula K story. The story in question by Jim Young appeared in a Greensboro, NC newspaper. Members of the media were allegedly cheering when VCU was beating Duke in the NCAA tournament. I'm starting to like the media. Although it turns out m ost of the cheering was done by a VCU graduate who was a camera man. So much for that Dookies! :-) After reading that story I will be more kind and gentle to Coach K. I will not call him Dirty Rat or Coach Dracula K, or Coach Krapola today or say that he drains the lifeforce out of his players and by the time they are seniors they look like they are 35 year old. I promise I will not say that today!!!
  • Wall to wall coverage on the latest diva outburst by his Holiness Coach K at the excellent Truth about Duke website.
  • March Madness All Season at CHN analyzes the decisions made by the NBA early-entry players.
  • Dick Hoops Weiss spins the coaching carousel at New Mexico State.
  • Nicks2Cents has assembled a list of YouTube videos of broadcasters gone wild, including Gus Johnson
  • CAA players and the NBA draft at the George Mason basketball blog. They also look at the upcoming BB&T classic of the 2007-2008 season
  • Want to watch some of the high profile AAU summer ball without traveling? the HSBNetwork offers webcasts of a number of those games.
  • Coffee seems to be a popular beverage among coaches.
  • Beyond the Arc thinks that the Hoyas are the team to beat in 2007-2008.
  • Gary PArrish's blog looks at Alabama and Oklahama State.
  • More on the Big Ten Network saga at Yahoo Sports. House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell chimes in concered about free access for the fans.
  • Today's Andy Katz Insider Blog talks about the Phoenix Suns looking to get trade up into the lottery of the NBA draft.

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