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Weekly TV Guide (posted every Monday)

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    NBA Draft Mania
  • NBA TV On-Demand: Available right now, a boatload of features at NBATV OnDemand, including individual player profiles, team by team analysis and team needs, and some historical drafts along with outtakes and such. On-Demand (aka VoD) is available on some cable systems that support this feature and carry NBA TV and your cable package includes NBA-TV
  • Versus presents Countdown to Draft day, Monday June 18 at 11pm, Tuesday June 19 at 1pm, and Tuesday June 26 at 1pm. Versus is the channel formerly known as OLN (Outdoor Life Network) and can be usually found on standard cable among the unpopular channels ;-)
  • NBATV's Basketball International 30-minute show will be having an NBA Draft preview highlighting some of the international prospects in the draft. Airtimes: Tuesday June 26 at 4pm, Wedn June 27 at 7am and 12pm (noon), and Thursday June 28 (draft day) at 12pm (noon)
  • Historical NBA Draft highlights will be airing on NBA TV starting Sunday June 24. They will go as far back as 1981. In addition to those, NBATV will also have features from the NBA Vault: Top Draft moments, with multiple airtimes, starting Monday June 25
  • Eastern Conference preview on NBA TV: Monday june 25 at 4pm and 8pm, tuesday june 26 at 12am, 1130am, 830pm, wedn june 27 at 930pm, and thurday june 28 at 730am.
  • Western Conference preview on NBA TV: Monday june 25 at 530pm and 930pm, tuesday june 26 at 130am, 1pm, 10pm, wedn june 27 at 11pm, and thurday june 28 at 6am.
  • wedn june 27, 330pm, GameNight Live will feature an NBA draft preview on NBA-TV. This will repeat on Friday june 29 at 530pm and saturday at 8am and 3pm. I am assuming the shows after the draft is over will be doing post-draft analysis and such.
  • Wedn june 27, 7pm, Preview Special on ESPN

    NBA Draft Day - Thursday June 28, 2007
  • 6am, Eastern Conference preview at NBA TV
  • 730am, Western Conference preview at NBA TV
  • 10am, Preview special on ESPN
  • 3pm, NBA Draft Pre-show on NBATV
  • 4pm, The NBA Draft Live from MSG in New York, on ESPN. A marathon 5-hour show. It will repeat in condensed form at midnight at ESPN and 130pm on Friday on NBATV. Draft Day!
  • 6pm, In parallel with ESPN's coverage of the 2nd round, NBATV will feature NBA TV Live coverage starting

    Game Repeats
  • High school games with D1 prospects, including Kevin Love at Recruiting Wars
  • Lots of game repeats at ESPNU, however I am boycotting ESPNU tv listings until Comcast and ESPN reach compromise and make ESPNU available to their millions of customers
  • Monday June 25, 03:30 PM and 3:30am (Tue), Utah at New Mexico, from Jan. 7, 2007, CSTV
  • Tue June 26, 5:00 PM, College Basketball: 2007 Slam Dunk and 3-Point Contest, from Atlanta, ESPN2 and ESPN2HD
  • Wednesday June 27, 11am, 2007 LaSalle at UMass, from Jan 22, 2007, CSTV
  • Thursday, June 28, 9:00 AM and 9:30PM, Texas Tech at Kansas, from Jan. 31, 2007, CSTV
  • Thursday June 28, 11:00 AM, Texas at Oklahoma State, from Jan. 16, 2007, ESPN Classic. Record this one for sure!
  • Thursday June 28, 1:00 PM, 2007 NCAA Tournament, Final: Florida vs. Ohio State, from April 2, 2007 in Atlanta, ESPN Classic. Oden's last and best(?) college game
  • Saturday, June 30, TBA, 9am, at Fox College Sports
  • Saturday June 30, 10am, from 1979, LaSalle vs BYU, on BYU TV (religious channel, no commercials)
  • Also two women's college basketball games per day on CSTV, from Tuesday June 26 through Friday June 29. On CSTV.

    Documentaries and more
  • NEW! CSTV will debut their One to One feature will NC State's women's basketball coach Kay Yow. An inspirational story not to be missed. Airtimes: Monday June 25 at 5pm and 830pm, Tuesday June 26 at 1230am, 3am, 11am, 230pm, 530pm, and 9pm. Will also air at least a dozen additioanl times after that on CSTV. NEW!
  • A 30-minute version of CSTV's online Hoops Odyssey will re-air on CSTV. Airtimes: Wedn June 20 at 7pm, and Saturday June 23 at 9am and 4pm. If you did not like Billy Packer, you will be pleased with this episode. Highly entertaining including Tyler Hansbro (or is it Hansborougheaux? or Hansbrough?) playing ping pong (table tennis) with one of the two travellers.
  • A 30-minute program called "2007 ACIS championships" will be airing multiple times on Fox College Sports. I do not know what it is, but it will be airing almost daily. Check local listings as they are way too many to post here.
  • NCAA on Campus, Wednesday June 20 at 1030am on ESPN Classic. Includes a message from Big Brother at the end of each show. Big Brother being Myles Brand in this case :-)
  • ACC All Access has a best of basketball highlight episode. Air times: Saturday June 23 at 8am, Sunday June 24 at 2pm, Monday June 25 at 1230am and 10am, thursday june 28 at 330am and 1130pm, friday june 29 at 12pm, and saturday june 30 at 1am. All on Fox College Sports. I assume it will also be shown on local FSN stations in ACC markets.
  • Not to be outdone, SEC TV has its own best of basketball highlight episode. Air times: Sat June 28 at 430pm, Friday june 29 at 1am, 1030am, 2pm, Saturday june 30 at 2am and 6am. All on Fox College Sports. I assume it will also be shown on local FSN stations in SEC markets.
  • Massive Hardwood Heavens Marathon on MojoHD (formerly INHD, a high definition channel). These are documentaries that look at the history and tradition of some of the most historic college basketball arenas in the country. The marathon starts on Saturday June 23 at 4am, and continues until 3pm pacific. I kid you not. Usually ESPN's Brent Musburger narrates. The episodes shown on TV (about 25 minutes long) are highlights of the original documentaries.
  • The original documentaries are longer and are available on DVD. Some of the Hardwood Heavens DVDs are available at Amazon, including Rupp Arena of Kentucky, Allen Fieldhouse of Kansas, Assembly Hall of Indiana, and the Dean Dome of North Carolina.
  • Under the Lights spotlighting Bruce Pearl on Tuesday June 26 at 2pm, Wedn June 27 at 1230am and 630am, thursday june 28 at 2pm and 1030pm, friday june 29 at 130pm and 10pm, on Fox College Sports
  • Real Sports with Greg Gumble on HBO featuring Florida's Joakim Noah. Multiple repeats on the family of HBO channels, starting on Wednesday June 20 at 7pm, and repeating at least 20 more times (!). It will also be available On-Demand. You have to try hard to miss it :-)
  • Thursday June 28, at 5pm, One to One on CSTV featuring Pat Summitt.

    Movies Movies Movies
  • The movie Glory Road (the story of the 1966 Texas Western with head coach Don Haskins) repeats multiple times on the Starz family of channels.
  • Basketball Diaries on Sundance
  • Hoosiers on AMC on Tuesday June 26
  • He got Game on Starz Black
  • Harvard Man on Showtime and TMC family of channels
  • The series Arliss is repeating on ESPN Classic. Some episodes are basketball related.
  • Slam Dunk Ernest on Starz
  • Rebound (2005) on HBO
  • The Sixth Man on Starz and Encore
  • Air Bud on the Animal Planet
  • Blue Chips on CineMax
  • please check with local listings for airtimes of the movies

  • all times pacific, add +3 for eastern, adjust for other time zones
  • listings can change at any time, please double check with your local provider prior to airtime
  • Every 2007 NCAA men's college basketball tournament game on dvd

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