Saturday, June 16, 2007

Weekend update

  • NBA Draft fans, check NBA TV On Demand for extensive coverage of the 2007 draft, including player profiles of likely first rounders, team by team analysis and some historical video clips, such as the best dressed draftees from the past
  • Also check the show Countdown to Draft Day on Versus and VersusGolfHD. It will repeat a few more times.
  • Who won the Devin Ebanks recruiting sweepstakes? The coach with the 500+ calls. Also a dozen players downgrade to D2/NAIA. And Michael Jordan's son is ranked last among the best? And a schedule of Nike's Summer events.
  • New news on Jared Carter's injury and a lot more at A Sea of Blue
  • Ramon Sessions decides to have a session in the NBA Draft. Cry they do, the Nevada Wolfpack fans.
  • Kareem speaks to UCLA graduates. I assume not about skyhooks and 420 ;-)
  • The Great Escape, Part #5. Reggie Theus tries once again to escape New Mexico State as he has his 2nd interview with the Sacramento Maloufs.
  • Lots of new news from Goodman's blog!. A look at the 2007-2008 Michigan State (aka Izzo State) team and the words Final Four are mentioned. Also in today's episode an update on the draft status of Mike Conley and Daquean Cook (they don't have an agent, but Conley's dad is a ...candidate if they need one), an update on The Calipari Experiment's out of conference schedule for 2007-2008 and updates on the job opening at Coastal Carolina. Bookmark Goodman's blog! He's the new Andy Katz ;-)
  • The HoopsCoach blog's latest post has a theme song by KISS
  • More coverage of the NBA draft at MSNBC's Beyond the Arc. The latest update is a ranking of the (projected NBA) shooting guards. They may not have been shooting guards in college, but that's a different game from the NBA.
  • Meahwhile Mike De Courcy time travels back 25 years and gives us his 10 best moments
  • While Gonzaga is the mid-major darling team, the CAA is the new mid-major darling conference. Check out the latest news and links on the CAA at the CAA Hoops blog
  • Got an Amazon gift certificate for father's day? Don't waste it on books or ties. Buy every DVD from the 2007 NCAA tournament instead ;-)

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