Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ron Jeremy replaces Billy Donovan

  • Ron Jeremy replaces Billy the Diva Donovan as the head coach of the Orlando Tragically Magic (does the name remind you of a certain ...hip Canadian rock band?)
  • Dookies Exposed! A Sea of Blue talks about the email exchange between a snotty Dookie brat and Elton Brand as told by Scoop Jackson (E! meets ESPN). Apparently Dookie brat was upset why Elton Brand left after just two years of having his lifeforce drained by Coach Dracula K... On a totally unrelated note, Coach K's alias is Jennifer Taylor. That's the name he uses when he shops at Talbots ;-)
  • Rick Pitino chimes in on the Donovan contract saga. The "would-have-been-next-Coach-K-had-he-not-left-for-the-NBA" defended his former player, friend and protege. Protege who has one more ring (ouch!).
  • OTL has a feature on the quiet man, Tim Duncan. Details on the OTL page. OTL airs at 330pm ET/1230pm PT today on ESPN.
  • Frank Burlisson of publishes his Top 85 Players of the 2007 NBA Draft. No surprises on the #1 and #2 choices. And if you are wondering who is #85, ask Gary Williams :-)
  • Clemson forward James Mays withdraws from the NBA draft. Hooray say the Clemson fans. Here's to an NCAA bid for 2007-2008.
  • Goodman's blog reports that Xavier lands a space-eater transfer from Tulsa, while NBA-bound Corey Brewer looks at the 2007-2008 Florida team.
  • A round-up of news at March Madness All Season at CHN, including stories on Billy the Diva Donovan returning to the 2007-2008 NIT Gators.
  • Recruiting updates at Recruiting Wars
  • Dick Hoops Weiss updates his blog with stories on the Pan-Am team coached by slick WD40 Jay Wright, Donovan and the Magic, a look at the upcoming season at Providence, some AAU action, some NBA pre-draft action, and last but not least, remembering former Villanova player Howard Porter.
  • The University of Georgia wants to get tough on academics. A cynic would say that this would be enforced on all student-athletes except for football and basketball players ;-)
  • Every 2007 NCAA College Basketball Tournament game on DVD!

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