Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clemson falls apart at North Carolina

Clemson, Clemson, Clemson. You should write a book: "The Art of Falling Apart". Sure, one of the last three undefeated teams. Sure. But can you beat a Sweet-16 team? Can you? Could you? Will you? Do you want to? Are you afraid of success? What's your problem Clemson?

We are saying all that because Clemson fell apart in front of everyone towards the end of the first half at the Dean Dome and could simply not come back. Poor Clemson... We want Clemson to succeed, but we have not been convinced by them the last three years.

This North Carolina team is rather strange. Sure, they could win it all during March Madness, but they could also be upset in the first or second round of the tourney by a tough mid-major team. And no, I'm not talking George Mason mid-major, but "typical" mid-major.

This team just doesn't have the same winner's mentality the 2004-2005 team had. You know, the Felton, McCants and May trio. No matter what the score, you knew that that team could finish off the game in the last ten minutes, almost no matter what.

This is not the case for this team though. Perimeter defense (Lawson/Ellington) are not exactly defender-of-the-year type of players. Ellington does not have the killer instinct the "diva" McCants did. Ed Davis is too skinny to be a "Marvelous Marvin". But this team has its own secret weapon, Danny Green, who continues to be under-rated because of all the other "stars" at UNC. With Ginyard and Zeller likely done until 2009-2010, Green may be the one that gets them the ring in April!

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