Thursday, January 15, 2009

North Carolina wakes up in Virginia

There was no Pete Gillen to take all the time-outs before half-time, but the Tar Heels sort of woke up from their not-so-"championy" run and managed to take the lead and not led the Cavaliers back in the game.

But there's no doubt, the aura and era of invincibility of this UNC team is OVER. Other than Danny Green and Ed Davis, all the other players appear to have been overrated. Fanny Fatzilla (as UNC fans will call him tonight) did not make any friends at UNC tonight with his analysis of the UNC team. Then again, there's nothing more powerful than the truth!

Virginia has promise, lots of promise, but so did the Pete Gillen Virginia team. The odds are in favor of the Calhoun protege however, although breaking out of the pack in the ACC is no easy task.

So, for both teams, we have to wait and see. How can UNC do when they play with a Sweet 16 and beyond team? Bring on the Dookies and ...Clemson!

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