Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Week #9 of the BlogPoll is out!

Week #9? How time flies! It's almost February! Almost time to start seeing serious BUBBLE-TALK :-) iN OR OuT??? Look at that RPI! What a horrible SOS! But that's a great road victory!!!!!!!

So, here it is, Week #9 of the BlogPoll Top 25. There are four Big East and four ACC teams in the Top Ten. Imagine if these played an ACC vs Big East challenge! Let's look at the hypothetical matchups based on the rankings:

* Duke vs UConn (I would pay PPV to see this one!)
* UNC vs Pitt (muscle vs wine-and-cheese finesse!)
* Wake Forest vs Louisville (first one to 100 wins!)
* Marquette vs Clemson (okay, not as fun as the other three)

West Coast Invasion!
The West Coast is invading the bottom of the top 25, with St. Mary's, Washington, Gonzaga, UCLA buzzing at the bottom of the top 25.

Yes, there are mid-majors! The Gonzaga/St-Mary's duo, along with Butler in the Top 15. Butler ranked higher than the bigger in-state unis by the way!

Then we have two mid-major-conference teams, although the programs themselves are by no means mid-major: Memphis and Xavier.

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