Saturday, January 24, 2009

Suspend Aubrey Coleman of Houston for the whole year

Aubrey Coleman's behavior during the Houston vs Arizona game was horrible. Not only did he step on a player's face while the player was lying on his back, but when he was kicked out of the game, he was smiling and high-fiving his team-mates as if he did something "REALLY COOL" - and he was caught by the cameras doing that, and shown on SportsCenter and Midnight Madness multiple times.

This type of WWF/WWE behavior has no place in college sports. NO PLACE! This is VERY EMBARRASSING for the Houston Cougars. If the player is not suspended by the coach or the AD for the rest of the season, the coach and the AD need to be FIRED.

Tom Penders tried to cover his and his players behind in the after-game press conference, but as shown CLEARLY by the TV cameras, Aubrey Coleman was smiling and high-fiving his team-mates before leaving the court. That's not the behavior of a player who "accidentally" steps on someone's face!

Jay Bilas, Hubert Davis, and Bob Knight and the other "Game Day" divas were heavily discussing what makes a tough player earlier today. What Aubrey Coleman did defines a COWARD.


Hollywood said...

It is agreed that Aubrey Coleman should be suspended for the remainder of the season; to include the suspension of any "Atheltic" scholarships he may be receiving. The NCAA should enforce this if the Houston University President has not already done so.
The action(s) taken in leiu of this incident and those to follow need to be immediately enforced and with severity to preclude any and all of the other punks out there that their immaturity will not be tolerated.
Who would even want this kid serving them "FRIES" at the Burger Joint??? Just phathom was Audrey Coleman does on his personal time, if he has the inclination to do this on Broadcasted TV....

Anonymous said...

the guy is a classless loser and should definately be kicked out of the league for the year. In fact, the position being taken by the Houston coach and the University (their website call the foul questionable), i question the entire university. Based on their defense of the player and interpretation of the events, i think the entire University of Houston lacks class and is an embarrassment to what the ncaa stands for. The Coach should be suspended for even suggesting that the call was wrong as only a thug wouldn't find this act sickening.

Anonymous said...

Even more classless is the University of Houston for not taking appropriate action. Clearly, one player is more important than what is left of their reputation as a university.

Anonymous said...

Ban The F%$#^7856798 fool for life from Pro Sport, and press charge then toss him let him play play prison basket ball. Let see whose face he stept on!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aubrey Coleman is a disgrace to mankind. What he did was show what kind of man-child he truly is.

His parents should be ashamed. If I were either his coach or his parents , I would send him home packing and not just for the rest of the season. He would no longer be a member of either the basketball team or the university.

You have forfeited your privilege, Mr. Coleman. To the coach who said, "Aubrey got tangled," you are actually defending his actions.

Congratulations on the completion of your 'unsportsmanlike conduct' program. You too have earned the right to lose your job.

Does the University of Houston applaud this kind of behavior? Apparently so.


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