Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gonzaga at Tennessee

What started as a sluggish game of two desperate-for-a-win team, it turned out into a dramatic game in the second half and in the overtime. GoneZaga visited Tennessee at their home, and for the second time this year, they managed to beat them!

And they beat them twice tonight, because the last play at the end of regulation was a goal-tending goal on a Matt Bouldin layup, which was not called. So GoneZaga should have won the game at the end of regulation.

But the refs didn't call it, and the game went into overtime, when they Zags jumped ahead and never looked back.

Gonzaga badly needed this win, and they got it, but as with all games, one has to lose, and that was a really bad loss for Tennessee as they are now 0-2 against the Zags and lost the chance of a home victory, breaking their non-conference winning streak. They are putting the "U" in unravel!

Few went with a more ball-handling line-up, with Gray inserted and Micah Downs coming off the bench. They also got some serviceable minutes from their 7'5" Will Foster, and with him around, they can't really complain that they don't have Sucre, since they barely play these guys more than backup minutes.

The good news for Tennessee is that all is not lost, because they have the whole SEC conference season ahead of them, and they can pick up plenty of good wins there.

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