Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rule change that will not happen but should

If players are "glued" to their university of choice, and they are playing for mere a scholarship, then why are the highly rewarded coaches allowed to come and go as they please? How are they going to "teach" their players loyalty and all the good stuff if they bolt when someone shows them an extra $20?

So here is my suggestion: A coach has to stay at a school for at least four years before being allowed to go to another university. If a coach wants to leave in less than four years, then he will have to "sit out" a year.

If a college student-athlete is "stuck" at a college for four years, then why shouldn't a coach who gets paid in the millions be able to jump from flower to flower?

I can only see one exception to the minimum four-year rule for coaches, if the coaches alma-mater opens up, then the coach should be allowed to go, even if he was at his current school for less than four years.

I highly doubt this would happen, but it only seems fair if student-athletes can't jump from school to school :-)

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