Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Steve Lavin is the next Dick Vitale!

Yes, Steve Lavin is officially the next Dick Vitale! Let's not forget, it took Dick Vitale many years before he became the recognizable "Hoops Diva"! Remember the Vitale from 30 years ago with the coke-bottle glasses who actually only talked about the basketball game in a monotonous voice? Who would have thought he would become the "Dookie Vitale"?

So what are the similarities between Lavin and Vitale?
* they both talk about their hair during every game
* they are both average analysts
* they talk off-topic during the game, before a game is decided
* they use on-camera props
* they say silly things that most other ESPN analysts would not be able to get away with saying (or wouldn't dare say for fear of shame or ridicule)

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