Monday, January 05, 2009

North Carolina at Nevada (was: happy new year)

The last game of the year or the first game of the year, depending on which time zone you were had the North Tarolina Carheels (ha!) stomp over the Wolfpack who fought but they simply did not have enough. It looks like OleRoy wants to recruit every single basketball player from the surrounding are, perhaps the second coming of David Padgett? :-)

Nevada looks like they have another player that could develop into a Fazekas-type or if he is lucky he could become a ...Chris Mullin type! Overall, this looks like a good WAC team, but do they have enough juice to make some noise in the NCAA and get Mark Fox a bigger paycheck?

Carolina was Carolina, and when most players are clicking, they are hard to stop, especially with Ginyard back in the rotation giving them more defensive versatility.

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