Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Free week of ESPN Full Court (Pay Per View): January 10 to 17, 2009

Fire up your VCRs and DVRs! ESPN is offering one free week of ESPN Full Court! Full Court is their pay-per-view package that shows extra college basketball games from around the country (usually BCS conference teams) for an annual fee. The one week preview starts on Saturday January 10 and ends on the 17th. Happy New Year with bonus hoops :-)

Even though this is a FREE preview, you still need to have access to those channels on your cable or satellite system. A number of cable systems have these accessible only on digital cable, so you may not be able to get to them if you have analog cable. Check with your local listings and provider to find out if they are available on your system.


Anonymous said...

January 2009. Cablevision says "We are not making the free preview available to our customers"

LMAO. Why?

ncaahoops said...

That's crazy! The preview is supposed to "entice" customers to buy the pay-per-view package.

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