Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Party on with three Classic Duke Losses!

Duke Haters of the world unite and take over! ESPN Classic will be showing THREE Duke losses in the next few days! On Wednesday, set your DVRs and VCRs for two Wake Forest upsets of Duke, one from the mid-80s and one from the mid-90s! The first game starts at 1pm eastern on Wednesday!

Then on Thursday, at 1pm eastern, also on ESPN-Classic, Virginia Tech and Senor Greenberg beat up the Dookies in 2005. Go VaTech! Go Seth! Go Hokies! Beat those Dookies again!!!

So to summarize, three Duke losses from three different decades, on Wednesday and Thursday on ESPN-Classic.

Thank you ESPN-Classic!

And hopefully by the time the 2009 Wake Forest vs Duke game is over, we will have another Duke Loss to celebrate!

Because we are all Wake Forest fans this week :-)

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