Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not our rival: Duke TOASTS Maryland

Nothing please us more than a Duke loss in college hoops. Sadly, Gary Williams and his long lost son Greivis Vasquez had an EPIC FAIL, a meltdown of double-up proportions at the Duke Cave-arena, with Maryland great Len Elmore having to suffer the game as the ESPN analyst.

So that raises the question, what happened to "THE GARY"? Was it the assistants? Maryland lost a wave of assistants after their major success in the last decade, including Gary's favorite in-game punching bag Jimmy Patsos.

So that sets up a potentially dramatic post-season at College Park. Would they really fire Gary Williams after that he has done for the program, including the national championship? Will the AD et al force him to bring in more experienced or rising assistants? Will they compromise on a Gary Williams early retirement?

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