Monday, January 05, 2009

Kentucky at Louisville recap

Unfortunately we are not able to watch as many games this season as we usually do, but of the games we have seen so far, this is one of the "game of the year" nominees. The Kentucky Wildcats refused to go away, and the PitinoVille team failed to lose the game ;-) Literally!

Billy "Clyde" Gillispie could have used Acie Law (or a clone of him) right about now! Patrick Patterson showed why he was a highly ranked player and Perry Stevenson showed why every team needs a player a like him. But ultimately you have to take care of the ball and put the ball in the basket, and without a true point guard, it's not easy.

Pitino managed to squeak by with a victory in this rivarly, which is also a personal rivalry as Gillispie's A&M beat Pitino at Rupp Arena in the NCAA tourney before Gillispie became the next Kentucky head coach.

This is year #8 of the Pitino era at Louisville, but it's certainly nowhere near as close to his year #8 at Kentucky. Things come and go in circles, perhaps Pitino will find himself getting ...Denny Crum'ed!

But with the boatloads of raw talent, can a solid point guard or play maker emerge and make the team click? If yes, Louisville can reach its potential. If not, it will be a loooooooong season with lots of transfers in the spring :)

And of course the spotlight once again falls on Edgar Sosa who showed signs of recovery, at times playing like Sebastian Sosa, at other times he looked like off-court-Telfair Sosa ;-)

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