Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week #7 of the BlogPoll is out: The Rise of the Undefeated

It's Week #7 of the BlogPoll and the undefeated teams have risen to the top! Except of course for Clemson which has a rather long history of epic February/March meltdowns. We'll know more about Clemson on Saturday afternoon, after they host Wake Forest on ABC!

While Big East has many teams, it's the ACC that has four of the top eight teams in the poll. More and more people are making the argument that the ACC is actually stronger at the top than the Big East. Oh my, how did the East-coast-bias media allow this to happen? ;-)

Monty and his California Experiment is going quite well, they are in the Top 25 already, probably 2-3 years ahead of schedule. Which only goes to show how clueless Ben Braun was. But perhaps he was smoking the lettuce with the UCB brass, so they let him hang around for years and years ;-)

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