Saturday, April 19, 2008

Early entries in the 2008 NBA Draft (updated)

It is unfortunately this time of the season for college basketball fans where some of the best underclassmen are leaving college basketball for greener pastures (for the most part). How many of this year's superfreshmen will we say goodbye to? We'll find out by the end of June :)

Here are some of the players who have announced so far, this will be updated in the next few days!

Brook LopezStanfordSophomore?
Robin LopezStanfordSophomore?
Not Cedric Simmons (JJ Hickson)NC Statefreshman?
Derrick CaracterLouisvilleSophomoricGone regardless?
Not Jimi Hendrix (Richard)AlabamaJuniorNo Agent (as of 3/31)
JaVale McGeeNevadaSophomoreHired Agent
Lester HudsonTennessee-MartinijuniorNo agent (4/1, Fox Sports)
Ryan AndersonCal BerkeleysophomoreNo agent (4/3)
Eric GordonIndiana SampsonsfreshmanDeclaring (1070 the fan)
Jerryd "Not Skip" BaylessArizonafreshmanDeclares (AOL Sports)
Ron SteeleAlabama4th year juniorNo Agent (BamaHoops)
Earl ClarkPitinoVilleSophomoreDeclaring? Not so fast? Staying in school?
Anthony RandolphLSUfreshmanDeclares
Mo SpreightsFloridaSophomoreTest Waters
DeAndre JordanTexas A&MFreshmanDeclaring
Donte GreeneSyracusefreshmanDeclaring
Kevin LoveUCLA SlugfestFreshmanConfusion! Is he declaring? Maybe YES for sure?
OJ MayoUSCFreshmanDeclaring
Trent PlaidstedBYUsophomore?Testing waters
Michael BeasleyKansas StatefreshmanGoing, going, gone, with agent (4/14)
Derrick RoseMemphisfreshmanGone! (Tax Day)
Jeremy PargoGoneZagajuniorDeclaring, no agent
Brandon RushKansasjuniorDeclaring
Darrell Arthur (Shady)KansasSophomoreDeclaring
Russell WestbrookUCLAsophomoreDeclaring?
Keith BrumbaughJuCo (former BCS commit)Sophomore?Declaring?
CDR (Chris Douglas Roberts)MemphisjuniorDeclaring?
Luc Richard Mbah MuteUCLAjuniorNot a Joke! Declaring

They said they are returning (but wait for the Draft Deadline before you start a parade in their name)
  • Devon Jefferson (USC) (March)
  • Stephen Curry (Davidson) (March 31st)
  • Blake Griffin (Oklahoma) (early April)
  • more coming up

    Draft Stories
    Writers discuss the NBA draft in the Bleacher Repor(t).

    The New York Times looks at the draft pool, and specifically the freshmen.

    HOT NEWS! AOL News reports that the NBA and NCAA reached a secret agreement that will be revealed in a press conference on Monday that extends the NBA draft minimum age to 20, in order to keep college players in school for two years instead of one. FALSE ALARM! But perhaps better news in that all the stakeholders are getting together to work on putting some structure and some common sense to the summer leagues and the development of the youngsters. Of course there is the old saying of "too many cooks" and that is certainly the case here, but I bet almost anything is better than the insanity of the current summer circuit.

    Meanwhile, Bruins Nation has done a great job in their write-up on Russell Westbrook and the NBA Draft.

    A story posted over and over the net, as if to irritate North Carolina fans says that none of the three UNC players are in the lottery. The trio of course being Tyler "looked like a child against Kansas frontline" Hansbrough, Tywon "I was fast" Lawson, and Wayne "I played with that dirty Dookie in high school" Ellington.

    The Sports Flow has a Should I stay or should I go analysis of the high-profile underclassmen from the four Final Four teams. Theme songs: The Clash with the aforementioned title, or for the younger audience, "Stay or Leave" by the DMB.

    A complete listing of all the 2008 NBA Draft prospects at CBS Sportsline.


    Sam said...

    You can also add sophomore JaVale McGee from Nevada to that list. He has reportedly also hired an agent.

    ncaahoops said...

    Thanks for the update! Added to the list!

    Stefan Ming said...

    Why are Earl Clark and Derrick Caracter leaving? Especially Caracter! This Louisville team would be a top 5 team with both of them back, don't they realize they everyone back but Padgett and Palacios? Clark is still a little raw and he needs one more year to develop a little more and Caracter will likely be passed up on because of his lack of discipline and troubles.

    ncaahoops said...

    I think Derrick Caracter is probably a push-out. With all the drama, Pitino is probably encouraging him to leave, to make room for Samardo Samuels and such.

    Pitino critics could easily point out that is yet another self-serving Pitino moment :)

    Of course most coaches wouldn't have stuck with Caracter perhaps for that long, or offered him a scholarship in the first place.

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