Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wow, Sean Sutton fired at Oklahoma State after two years?

The Coaching Carousel is indeed going crazy! Apparently the Oki State folks have had enough of the Suttons? Perhaps the way Eddie Sutton disgraced himself and the coaching profession by getting the USF head coach fired so he can get his 800th win backfired on Sean?

Certainly what Eddie Sutton did at USF is despicable, but why is Sean getting punished for it? Sins of the father?

Ron Franklin and crew of ESPN doing the NIT broadcast said they were also not happy with the firing of Sean Sutton.

Sean, of course, not to be confused with Scott Sutton, the head coach of Oral Roberts. Oral Roberts is the university whose president found himself in a scandal and then made things worse for himself by using G-d as his personal defense attorney. Class act, eh?

More on this at Sports by Brooks, and the Star Telegram.

Are Oklahoma State administrators that delusional that they think they can get Bill Self out of Kansas???

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