Thursday, April 03, 2008

The ultimate Duke Hater gift: the 1990 NCAA Final DVD!

Yes, Duke Hater fans, we have what is possibly the ultimate Duke Hater Gift ever! The official DVD of the 1990 NCAA Final where the UNLV Running Rebels steamroll and blow out the Dirty Dookies by 30 (thirfty) points. Watch the smugfest melt from the plastic face of Coach Ratface K! Enjoy the blowout and the run and gun style of play of the Rebs! Go Shark the Tark! Okay, Tark the Shark :)

The price is $24.99 and eligible for free super saver shipping if your order is $25 or more. To jump over $25, you can just buy an mp3 song for 89c cents, or find another low price trinket to put you over the hump. The DVD is produced by Thought Equity and NCAA OnDemand.

NCAA On Demand has started releasing lots and lots of basketball games on DVD, so you can relive your favorite basketball moments in the best quality possible. Sure you can watch the old grainy VHS tapes, but if you are going to be watching on your new big screen TV, it's not gonna be pretty :) There are currently over 1400 DVD titles produced by NCAA On Demand, covering various NCAA sports from different eras.

A nice site that keeps track of the Final Four teams in summary format is Be sure to check the team stats of the 1990 UNLV Rebels team, the one in the aforementioned DVD. You can also get other DVDs from the 1990 NCAA tourney. Check the link on the previous paragraph!

Wikipedia has assembled a summary page of the 1990 NCAA tournament! Dookie tears not included, but they may be available on eBay ;-)

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