Thursday, April 03, 2008

Andre Allen singing the Memphis Blues

Memphis was one of the teams without Final Four distractions. The keyword was. Andre Allen, backup point guard and potential defender of Darren Collison was left behind in Memphis and was suspended for the Final Four for violation of team rules. Details at the Sports Network, and the AOL Fanhouse.

While the exact reasons is not yet known (links above say "drug related"), we would like to point out that Andre Allen will be graduating from Memphis this year, so under the new NCAA rule he would become a "free agent" for his fifth year of eligibility. The Final Four suspension could mean that Andre Allen could bolt out of Memphis regardless and be a starting (and star) point guard at a mid-major school. And there are plenty of coaches that would trade baggage for talent :)

As you probably know, Roy Williams has the Kansas "thorn" in his side, and Bill Self has the Oklahoma State "thorn". Now UCLA is the only team without a distracting circus show ;-)

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