Friday, April 04, 2008

Jim Nantz causes Vitale controversy (and sells new book)

Coincidence? We think not! The smarty pants "serious" golf-like Jim Nantz has managed to kill three birds with one stone in his latest controversy. (No actual birds were harmed by this phrase, so please don't chase me PETA).

Three birds? Yes, for one thing, he generated buzz for CBS and the NCAA tournament. For another, he promoted and defended his long-time buddy Billy Packer when he said that "If Vitale gets in the Basketball Hall of Fame, Billy Packer should get in too". It is of course no secret that Packer is not fond of the way Vitale handles himself as a basketball analyst. We agree in that Vitale should not go in as a basketball analyst, but rather as a Cheerleader of the Game, or a promoter of the game. Because despite the entourage following, pre-chewing and spoon-feeding Vitale, he still doesn't come up with any real on-the-spot insight worthy of a Hall of Fame analyst.

So is there an ulterior motive by Jim Nantz here? Well, well, well, Jim Nantz is also publishing a new memoirs book, Always By My Side: A Father's Grace and a Sports Journey Unlike Any Other, which goes on sale May 6, 2008! This new hardcover is currently priced at $17.16 at Amazon, and you can save an extra 5% off if you pre-order it, while receiving a pre-order and 30-day post-shipment low price guarantee.

So what is the book about? Here is a summary, courtesy of the editorial review at Amazon:

Always by My Side gives readers an insider’s look into an unprecedented sixty-three-day stretch from February to April of 2007 when Jim Nantz became the first broadcaster to call the Super Bowl, the Final Four, and the Masters

And to help our readers get a better handle on the book, here are some important book metrics: The book is 320 pages, making it a reasonable 5 cents per page. It weighs 1.2 pounds, which is $14 per pound, which is an okay price for a hardcover :-)

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