Friday, April 04, 2008

Today on Outside the Lines: Memphis and Geno vs Pat!

Today's Outside the Lines (3pm eastern, ESPN) is a college basketball extravaganza, with the first segment, the Memphis Rub, talking how the Memphis Tigers are the Outsiders in this year's final four, filled with Elite names like UNC, Kansas, and UCLA. A preview of this in the ESPN grey box. No, I did not make up that name, ESPN did ;-)

Meanwhile the centerpiece takes another look at the Pat vs Geno saga, in the segment IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES. Here is a video preview of this segment. And can somebody please tell us the real reason why UConn and Tennessee won't play anymore? If they won't, I'll start coming up with wild and shocking reasons as to why :) But play against each other they cannot avoid, if they both the Final Four game, they win! (Does it sound like a bad attempt at Yoda?)

Remember, today's, Friday April 4, 2008, OTL edition is at 3pm eastern (12pm pacific) on ESPN.

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