Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Move over Bold and Beautiful, it's Lute and Kevin!

As the world turns in Arizona! Who is the coach? They probably flipped flopped at least a dozen times at the University of Cactus during the 2007-2008 season. Now the latest newsflash states that Kevin O'Neill is indeed out as an assistant, as the softer side of the hard-headed "enforcer" was apparently not soft enough to make things work? :)

And don't look now, but the Marquette job is open again ;-)

The latest Kevin O'Neill and Lute Olson saga update at Sports Illustrated, an AP Story. This is a really juicy story as it includes a recap of the 45-minute televised press conference headlines by The Silver Fox.

One of the biggest issues of course was the style of play, Kevin O'Neill changed the Arizona run and gun style of play that players signed up to play into a Ben Howland Lite slugfest, and perhaps if Lute did not return this year, there may have been a caravan of players leaving town?

Man, has coaching men's basketball turned into a soap-opera or what???

Update! Great line by Tom Brennan on ESPN2' Gameday: "This was Lute's second messy divorce this year". Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David said...

Say what you will, but LO took at 4-24 team in 1983 and built a basketball dynasty in the desert. Lute is back, KO is gone, 'nuff said.

ncaahoops said...

I'm not objecting to Lute's return. I like run and gun basketball!

Casey said...

And to think O'Neill was to be the heir apparent. He kinda screwed up that one.

ncaahoops said...

Yeah, O'Neill went through a decade of thigns within one season. He had injuries, Elite 8 performances, total meltdowns, slugfests, drama on and off the court, and such.

It looks like the "softer side of Sears" didn't last long and O'Neill managed to piss everyone off :)

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