Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ESPN not quite the world wide leader on the net!

An interesting story at traffic monitoring site Compete.com points to data that ESPN is not exactly the undisputed world wide leader in sports. It is facing competition from many other sites, including Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated, and Deadspin!

In our opinion, what has killed the ESPN website is that the multimedia crapola took over and completely overpowered the content. It made the website almost unusable for people who are doing more than one thing at a time on the net. Plus, they came up with the convoluted Insider scheme, which managed to hide some of their best content from the vast majority of their readers.

We believe that the combination of the multimedia crapola and the "subscriber only" crapola is what is killing the ESPN site.

This just in ESPN: The subscriber model doesn't work on the net :) Of course we knew that ten years ago, but you are still swimming in a river in Egypt.

In fact the subscriber model is not even working for magazines, a lot of them are giving their issues away :)

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