Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tom Crean taking over Indiana? What about Marquette?

A number of places are saying that Tom Crean is close to taking over the Hoosiers! Also at AOL Fanhouse. Is this for real or an April fool's day joke?

A joke was for sure the lame duck Dan Dakich "firing" two of his players on his way out, booting Jamarcus Ellis and Armon Bassett off the team. What are they smoking/eating/drinking in Bloomington?

For upcoming reactions from the Marquette world, be sure to check the Cracked Sidewalks blog.

This would be an interesting development as another Jud Heathcote tree guy would be replacing Kelvin Sampson, also a Heathcote guy. Meet the new Godfather of college hoops! Also under his wing are Gonzaga, and of course Michigan State, and by association, Tulsa, and such :)

If that is indeed the case, the Marquette opening would be an intriguing situation, as a Big East job. Who would Marquette go after? Would they stay in the Heathcote tree and go after CBI Play-off coach Doug Wojick of Tulsa?

The story is all over the net, including the Herald Times, ESPN, and TSN.

Oh my! Crazy coaching carousel, where are you taking us next???

Andy Katz is reporting on the ESPN2 Gameday that the Wright State coach was the next option after Tom Crean at Indiana. Katz also points out that there is no natural successor to Tom Crean, as former pupil Darren Horn has just taken over South Carolina, to replace the retiring Dave Odom and hoping to become the next Andy Kennedy success story.

Update II
CSTV's Insider Brian Curtis was quoted as reporting to CSTV's College Sports Tonight that Tom Crean will be getting a 10-year deal with an average of $2.5 million per year.

Can I get the Indiana job and get fired the next day? The buyout alone would make me an instant millionaire :) And then a multi-million dollar book deal to write about "My glorious day at IU" ;-)

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