Friday, April 04, 2008

Prediction: Mark Few will be the next Oregon head coach!

We are big fans of the Gonzaga phenomenon, even though we call them GoneZaga every time they lose. And we are ready to make a bold prediction: Mark Few will be the next Oregon head basketball coach!

Where do we basis this bold prediction?
1) The new Oregon AD has Spokane connections

2) Bill Grier, long time Gonzaga assistant, and first-year San Diego miracle worker-coach, has bolted out of his Oregon State deal. Perhaps because the Gonzaga job will open up soon? :)

3) Mark Few has very strong ties to the state of Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest. Just like Mike Montgomery won't leave the Bay Area no matter what, we think that Mark Few won't leave the Pacific Northwest. And the Oregon job is the natural progression in his career if he wants to have a chance at the NCAA championship. The new super-sensational arena and the Nike goldmine should help a whole lot. A short bio of Mark Few at Wikipedia.

4) We are not the only ones thinking in this fashion. See what John Canzano of Oregon Live says.

We think that the failure to land Kevin Love or Kyle Singler would be ultimately what causes the end of the Ernie Kent era at Oregon. How often does the state of Oregon have two top five caliber players and yet the home team fails to get even close to one of them. That was the harbinger of doom for the Kent era at Quackville.

The only question perhaps is whether this is a bold prediction or a master of the obvious prediction :)


Anonymous said...

And who do you predict will replace Few at Gonzaga? Grier? or perhaps a current Zag assistant?

ncaahoops said...

Bill Grier of course! Which would explain perhaps why he pulled back from the Oregon State job. Although that may not necessarily be the reason as Oregon State seems to be going mid-major-conference-coach-crazy, now flirting with Ron Hunter of IUPUIUIPIUIPIU.

Unless perhaps they bring back Dan Monson? :)

Chris said...

If Few does leave Gonzaga and go to Oregon (which I think will happen due to everything I've heard and read) I think the dark horse candidate for the new head coaching job at Gonzaga is their former player Kyle Bankhead.

ncaahoops said...

Interesting! Even though there is a list of people with precedence and experience in the Zags program like Grier or the current assistants or Dan Monson even?

Dave said...

Leon Rice has it in writing to succeed Few if he leaves, just as Grier had before him. BTW, I agree that Few will leave for Oregon.

ncaahoops said...

Interesting. If it wasn't for the Oregon connection, I don't think Few would leave, but being an Oregonian I am assuming it won't be an easy decision.

Unlike Arizona, I don't think Mark Few has much to gain by going there. Arizona basketball at the elite level was Lute Olson. He would be better off at Gonzaga than Arizona.

beachballer06 said...

WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD MARK FEW LEAVE A NATIONAL RANKED PROGRAM FOR YOUR LITTLE PATHETIC TINY INSIGNIFICANT PROGRAMS. IT makes no sense, and remember all the coaches that left for greener pastures and then failed at the beginning of Mark Few's tenure.... Dan Monson and Mike Price, will have a huge impact everyone talks about him leaving but he is NOT Leaving.

ncaahoops said...

He does have a special family connection with the state of Oregon, that's why Oregon would make some sense. Not Arizona, Arizona was mostly Lute Olson. Whoever takes over, they'll have to re-establish the program after two years of confusion and dramarama.

However, with the ways things have turned up at Oregon, with their 14-year football coach becoming the new AD, it looks like Ernie Kent may be quite safe. Which is probably why he looked so un-stressed during the Pac-10 tourney and while practicing his "TV analyst" future career with FSN :)

Anonymous said...

I hope Few stays as I am a Zag fan but think we'll be fine regradless. However, Oregon does ultimately have more resources. Still Spokane is Few's town for as long as he wants and Oregon is a risk for him (see Monson). I can't see how Kent survives after THIS year.

ncaahoops said...

Well, if it wasn't for the new AD, Ernie Kent would have been gone for sure. But would his friend co-coach of 10+ years turn around and fire him?

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