Monday, April 07, 2008

Basketball Hall of Fame News on ESPN News!

Watch it live! Who's in, who's out??? Let's get started!

The Bob Cousy award for the best point guard goes to ... *drumroll* DJ Augustin of Texas-Austin. The award was announced and presented by the man himself, Bob Cousy! DJ Augustin was there of course to receive the award, wearing an (ooops!) this is not the Oscars :) They also announced that the Sports Museum of America in New York City will be the new home of the Cousy Award.

Next one in, announced by the one and only Jim Nantz, the scoring machine of the NBA, Adrian Dantley! Those of you young enough not to know of him, watch some games on ESPN Classic, NBA-TV, and YouTube!

Next up, Bill Davidson, of the Detroit Pistons and such, not as a player obviously!

Followed that, jumping in was Patrick Ewing, the New York Knicks and Georgetown Hoyas supercenter! And it was fitting perhaps that one of Ewing's rivals also enters the HoF at the same time: Hakeem Olajuwon!

Next, going in as a head coach, the sleek Armani-wearing, Pat Reilly of the Lakers, Knicks and Miami Shacks! Not a surprise to anyone!

Another coach, the head coach of Immaculata, an all-women's college, Cathy Rush!

And oh the irony! After causing drama about Vitale/Packer, Jim Nantz would actually announce the induction of Dick Vitale. It's awesome baby with Capital A! It's unbelievable!!!

And when Jim Nantz interviewed Dick Vitale, Vitale CRIED within 20 seconds of his interview! It's cry-awesome baby with capital tears! Vitale also thanked Bob Knight for his letter-writing campaign to get Vitale in the Hall of Fame.

And perhaps this is why Vitale got in, the big push from the one and only the General Robert Montgomery Knight!

It's Awesome Baby! This was a huge class in 2008, the enshrinement ceremony will take place on September 5, 2008!

Can someone please nominate this blog for the College Hoops Blogging Hall of Fame???

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