Friday, April 04, 2008

Nuggets from the Final Four Press Conferences

This is an on-going post where we post nuggests as we go through the Final Four press conferences by the four participating Final Four teams. Here we go:

UCLA tidbits
Freudian slip by the horrified Ben Howland on the Memphis Tigers: "...They added Jason Kidd", obviously when referring to the addition of Derrick Rose to this year's squad.

Ben Howland is listening to an extended edition of a live Stevie Wonder song while watching film. Meanwhile Len Robbins, the reporter from Cold Pizza and a fish-wrap, with the annoying voice, annoyed Ben Howland by asking about his obsession with defense. Thank you Len Robbins for exposing the Ben Howland slugfest to a nationwide audience :)

Memphis tidbits
The Rev Jessie Jackson was invited by John Calipari to speak to the team... CDR says Calipari yells at him all the time... The Memphis players deflected the questions about Andre Allen, and avoided getting involved in the situation...

ESPN coverage tidbits
Seth Greenberg on John Calipari: "He is the Bill O'Reilly of basketball coaches. He is always in the spin zone".

Kansas Tidbits
Bill Self on Stewart: He is out after open-practice goofing around injury :(

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