Friday, April 04, 2008

Myles Brand and David Stern talk NBA Draft and raising the age minimum on Saturday!

Be sure to watch or record the 30-minute Outside the Games documentary that airs on CBS on Saturday at 330pm eastern (1230pm pacific). This will feature a discussion with Myles Brand, the NCAA Emperor, and David Stern, the NBA czar on the NBA draft and the possibility of raising the minimum age for entry into the NBA draft. Myles Brand mentioned already in his state of the Monopoly press conference that he favors at least two years, and encouraged people who are interested in this topic to check out that CBS documentary.

Of course this should probably be done in a way that allows talented and ready players to go to the NBA right away, because a player like LeBron does not really need to play in college, unless of course he wants to. Granted the LeBrons are rare, and LeBron could have learned and benefited a lot from a year in college. After all, he was sitting courtside watching the Steph Curry extravaganza and perhaps wondering deep inside "What if it was me".

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