Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trent Johnson at LSU press conference live on ESPN News!

ESPN News and ESPNews-HD are carrying a live press conference at LSU, where former Nevada and Stanford head coach Trent Johnson is introduced as the new head basketball coach.

One of the things Trent Johnson mentioned was the opportunity to recruit players without the academic restrictions one has at a place like Stanford. Which perhaps explains why the ex-Dookie athletic director bolted out of Duke, and convinced the coach to bolt out of Duke-West (Stanford). Or perhaps another AD driven to madness and tears by Coach K and fleeing the Cameron Dungeon where Coach K practices his dark-side crafts with Dark Vader.

Another thing mentioned by Johnson was the pressure and expectations to win big, following on the heels of the success of LSU football program. But be patient LSU fans, the Lopez twins are not walking through that do(o)r :)


Anonymous said...

hey, ive been looking at your blog for a long time now and i just made a college basketball blog myself. i was wondering to try and get mine going if you could add it to your links, since your site is pretty popular. thanks.

the blog is

ncaahoops said...

Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for it, and once it builds up a couple of dozen posts, I'll add it up.

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