Thursday, January 31, 2008

Calipari: We are not getting every call like Duke and North Carolina

Oh the gems one finds when browsing through college basketball coaches shows. In this week's installment, Calipari said "we don't get every call like Duke and North Carolina". Oh boy!

Ask the teams in Conference USA who gets better treatment by the officials in C-USA conference games. Is it Duke, North Carolina (who don't play in C-USA), Memphis, or the other 11 CUSA teams?

The show was recorded after they beat GoneZaga but before they played Houston last night.

Calipari also revealed that he and Mark Few agreed to extend the Gonzaga vs Memphis basketball series. The series would have ended next year when the Calipari Tigers visit the Gonzaga "Few Fighters" in Spokane in 2008-2009. This is good news as this is a fun game to watch, and it is also entertaining in terms of RPI and polling.

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