Thursday, January 10, 2008

West Virginia at Louisville

Pitino vs Huggins! 500 vs 600! A former Conference USA rivarly! Did the game live up to its billing? Nope! Did defense win? Yes, the buckets were not easy to make. Did anyone get injured from Louisville? Nope!

This was an almost must-win game for Louisville and a nice-to-have road win for Cincy West Virginia.

But Louisville had a rather comfortable night against the "Beileineers", with a four-pack of servicable forwards at Pitino's disposal. And it was indeed the two coming off the bench (Padget and Earl Clark) who had the biggest impact on the game. T-Will did good without scoring, and Edgar Sosa made it clear that Pitino needs to recruit point guards for 2008-2009 and beyond.

Despite the Huggins-bias from the ESPN play by play guy, Huggins was caught by the cameras smiling and laughing at the zebras multiple times. Silly play by play clones! Stop repeating non-sensically whatever crapola you remember from watching Sportscenter ;-)

And speaking of crapola, will someone please teach ESPN's Karl Ravech how to count the commercial breaks during the half time show so he can actually tell when the second half is about to start and when they are coming back for another half-time show segment. It's really not that hard to count: Let's teach Karl: One, Two, Three!

As you can see there's not much to say about the game! :)

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