Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No They Didn't! (ESPN Ticker said Upset!)

Memo to ESPN, please educate your people in what is an upset. Jay Bilas has come up with some nice explanations and definitions. Please ask Mr Bilas to write it up in a memo and send it to all your employees so they can memorize it and understand what an upset is.

What is prompting this rant? During Saturday's TV coverage, there was a ticker update at the bottom of the screen (ESPN or ESPN2 I don't remember) talking of an upset alert, Kentucky about to beat Vandy at Rupp arena.

An upset? Are you serious? Since when is Kentucky winning a conference game at Rupp Arena an upset? Granted Billy the G did not have a good start, but it's still a conference game, it's still Kentucky, and it's still Rupp Arena.

ESPN, please educate your masses! Just because a ranked team loses a road game it doesn't make it an upset! This is just plain silly. Please teach your employees and get rid of the poll-drone mentality!

But the silliness goes even further than this. An example from the past: a team ranked #17 at home beats team #10, in a conference game, and they still call it an upset!

Is this yet another manifestation of rampant idiocracy?

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