Monday, January 07, 2008

USC at Stanford

This was an ugly game. Ugly! If it wasn't for a "spurt" in the last five minutes which included intentional fouling by USC in order to make a comeback, this game would have been won in the 40s! Ouch! It was an ugly 52-46 (or something like that).

Nevertheless the win counts as a win and the Cardinal (not Cardinals) defended their home court and prevented a 0-2 conference start. The Lopez twins once again were friends of foul, Lawrence Hill has taken a step back, and the guards are the big question for Trent Johnson.

The FSN game was interesting to listen to as well as former Stanford head coach Mike Montgomerry was the analyst. MM seems to start to get accustomed to the analyst gig and he is starting to actually provide some insight - sort of like a Majerus-type of an analyst.

USC was a disaster, and this is confusing. Tim Floyd tried a different line-up (discipline of players or matchups?) - with a perimeter oriented starting five instead of his usual starting five. USC's touted players looked quite pedestrian during the game, and they just couldn't score.

This game was so ugly it made Missouri Valley Games with Southern Illinois look pretty ;-)


MK-Ultra said...

Yes, while it was indeed an ugly freaking game, I think your last line goes a bit too far. Nothing could be that ugly.

ncaahoops said...

I did have a smiley at the end! But if you extrapolate based on talent level, then it surely was uglier :)

Good thing Marques Johnson was doing the game, otherwise it would have been unwatchable!

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