Saturday, January 05, 2008

ESPN Full Court half-season special at $75

With the conference season starting up, ESPN has discounted their college basketball pay per view package, ESPN Full Court to $75 for the rest of the year. The package is available on cable and online, but those are two separate subscriptions, so if you want both you have to purchase both.

Multiple advertisements of this are airing on the ESPN family of networks, especially during broadcasts of college basketball games (duh!). Please keep in mind that with the launch of the Big 10 Network, you are not going to find Big 10 games on ESPN Full Court, but rather on the Big Ten Network itself. This means more games for the rest of the conferences. Which ones benefited from this? I don't know - I haven't looked and compared the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 schedules in detail.

This of course further segments the market with Fox College Sports covering essentially every single Pac-10 basketball game, the Big Ten Network covering the Big 10 games, the mtn covering the Mountain West, and regional CSTV covering Conference USA. Other than games shown on national TV of course (CBS, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2).

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