Wednesday, January 30, 2008

OTL: Religion and the NFL while Oregon apologizes to UCLA for the

Today's Outside the Lines (3pm eastern, 12pm pacific) has a centerpiece story that tackles religion and sports, and more specifically NFL players. ESPN has a video preview of this. Their big question is "why do players feel compelled to bring their faith to the field and is it always appropriate?". We blog, you decide!

More details on upcoming OTL episodes, at the OTL page.

Also in the latest OTL email message, there is a mention of the Oregon Athletics Director apologizing to Kevin Love and UCLA for all the Oregon fans showed the Beached Whale and his dad, clad head-to-toe in UCLA gear.

If Kentucky fans "affectionately" call Pitino "Traitor Rick", then what nickname should Oregon fans use to call their one time great Stan Love?

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