Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Valpo at North Carolina

It took Valpo 7 minutes and 16 seconds of game time to score its first point. Need I say more? Probably not. But I will rumble on anyways :)

Valpo actually made a comeback and got the game close, 35-31 at half-time, with Coach Drew smiling as he was heading towards the locker room. It's a good thing he got the smiles out, because UNC went on a 40-10 run in the second half and put the Valpo offense in a straightjacket.

The big question for UNC was how they would play without Frasor (out for the season) and The Q. The Q (not the Star Trek Q) was out with an ankle issue, and this was the worse possible time for a Q injury since the Frasor injury would have boosted up the team-oriented senior's PT.

But when you are UNC, the players come in waves. Off the bench came William Graves who showed an inside and outside game. While Graves may not be a household name, he's no slouch. He may have been the 6th best freshman of the 6-man freshman class of 2006, but he could have easily been the best incoming recruit at at least half of the NCAA D1 schools. He was a top 100 player who took a redshirt after all!

Danny Green was the star of the show with career highs in various categories, pre-game dancing moves, and serious interviewing skillz during the post-game interview. Is Danny Green this year's Marvin Williams? UNC fans can hope so!

Valpo played a classic "lambs to the slaughter" game, there's not much to say here. They had a statistical chance to win the game, and Drew's point that they had played a #1 ranked team in each of the last four years doesn't really change much.

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