Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Florida State at Georgia Tech

This game promised to be exciting on paper. It turned out to be a closely contested game but not as fun. Georgia Tech is a team that will play hard every time, usually turnovers, and poor decisions are the things that get them. They seem to always look like they are one Jarret Jack short from being a Top 20 contender.

Leonard Hamilton had to adjust his game plan and do some small-balling because both of his big men were unavailable due to injury (Alibi and Vaughn). Despite an early run and gun by Georgia Tech, the seasoned guard oriented FSU teams managed to withstand the Ga Tech run, chip away and then take the reigns.

Is FSU an NCAA team without Alibi and Vaughn? Probably not! Can they become one with at least one of them? Quite likely! Leonard Hamilton has had Dr Jerkyl and Mr Hyde teams during his tenure at Florida State, and they always seem to be just a coin toss away from an NCAA bid.

Georgia Tech is suffering from the early departures of Javaris Crittenton and Thaddeus Young. There is such as a thing as "too good of a recruiting class". Hewitt is struggling to find a point guard committee to get things done, with Causy, Dell and Mo in the turnover mix.

The season is young, this was just game #1 of a long ACC conference season, so there's plenty of time for the teams to adjust and adapt!

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