Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Herb Sendek got Jay John fired!

I had a draft post that never got around to posting saying how the success of Herb Sendek at Arizona State was going to get Jay John fired in the spring.

Well, it looks like the Oregon State AD beat me to it by a few months! Poor Jay John is gone! The first strike of course when Tony Bennett and his neo-slugfest style of play had a great season last year. But one could point that the Tony Bennett success was built upon the Dick Bennett years, so it wasn't as if Tony had a one-year wonder.

So that bought Jay John some more time. But then comes Herb Sendek at Arizona State. In year #2 they got from a perennial bottom feeder to sitting on top of the Pac-10, and landing a top caliber recruit.

So now the pressure reaches boiling point. With fellow Pac-10 bottom dwellers WSU and ASU ranked in the top 25, the situation looks very bleak at OSU, and all of a sudden, the NBA mentality kicks in, and it's bye bye Jay John!

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