Monday, January 28, 2008

Georgetown at West Virginia

If Wiki needed an example of a Big East slugfest game, I have this to nominate! But don't let the slugfest fool you, this was a hard fought game.

And this is a game that showcased why I have Georgetown in such a high regard. They play down to the competition, but after the last TV time-out, the cape is off, and the Super-Hoyas emerge: Super-Hoya Jessie Sapp hit an "onions" three, and Super-Hoya's son Patrick Ewing blocked a potentially game winning shot by the Hugginseers to seal and steal a conference road game.

Huggins should be in consideration for Coach of the Year. If anyone needed any evidence that Bog Thuggins belongs to the Basketball Hall of Fame, his work at West Virginia is a great example. You have to be a great basketball coach to be able to take a team designed to play Beilein-ball and turn it into the best it can be.

Roy Hibbert is a breath of fresh air in that he's a very unconventional seven footer with basketball skills. One possession he looks like a lumbering seven footer, in another possession he looks like he understands the game as if he was a fifty year old ball coach.


hoya-saxa said...

Roy's got skills... shooting skills... passing skills... freethrow skills... hookshot skills... dunking skills... rebounding skills... numchuck skills... blocking skills...

ncaahoops said...

LOL! He is super-scintilating multi-skilled!

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