Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Saint Mary's punishes Eddie Sutton for getting a WCC coach fired

Sure it was just a conference game, but I'm sure the WCC coaches were not particularly thrilled with the way Eddie "The Loser" Sutton conspired with the Jesuits of USF to get their current coach fired mis-season and take over the program. No wonder St Mary's blew out the USF Dons at their own home court up at the hill top.

Why would the WCC coaches be upset with this? Because they could be next! Other than Mark Few, none of the other WCC coaches are big names, so if a big name coach decides he wants back in, they could get fired mid-season!

The Eddie "The Loser" Sutton situation established a bad precedence. Imagine if Mike Montgomerry expressed interest in a WCC. The AD could use the Eddie Sutton situation, and get the coach fired and install MM.

Speaking of MM, he had an interesting interview with Eddie "The Loser" Sutton, stuck at 799. As expected, Sutton tried to cover up his unethical return to coaching. In the first part of the interview, he said he couldn't sit at home and then had to return to coaching. Then he mentioned that he's only at USF for the remainder of the season, and after that he's going to go back to his "other" projects. At least the politicians have a group of professional liars assistants to help them get their stories straight :)

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