Thursday, January 31, 2008

Memphis at Houston

This was a highly anticipated game in Conference USA, and a great opportunity for Turnaround Tom and the Houston Cougs to get a high profile win against the #1 Memphis Tigers. Given the hype, the game started (no surprise) too jittery with the players too amp'ed up and hyped up for the game.

The first ominous clouds over Houston's chances for a win were seen in the horizon when Memphis had a horrible start with turnovers galore, yet Houston only had a a few points to show for.

And the Tigers slowly but steadily jumped ahead, in their typical Conference USA road game fashion where teams feed on the crowd initially and cling on, and then Memphis takes over in the second half, and the home team tries to make a comeback, makes a push, and Memphis staves them off and leaves the arena with yet another arena.

The night was even sweeter for used-car salesman John Calipari and Memphis Tigers fans as the other undefeated team in the country, the Kansas Jayhakws, lost a rivarly road game at Little Manhattan.

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