Monday, January 07, 2008

UCLA at California

This was a relatively low-scoring game, but it was not an ugly game. It was instead an intense game with lots of defense. Once again UCLA "Georgetown'ed" its opponents on the defensive end, and the Cal Bears fell too far behind to be able to make a comeback.

Cal has a really bizarre roster, and don't use the Omar Wilkes early departure as an excuse. They only have one mini-me point guard and a euro-guard and that's it. Typically a team should have at least four guards, not two. On the other hand Ben Braun is loaded in big men, and he doesn't even have room for Jordan Wilkes to play and has a "Yao Ming" red-shirting. With Theo Robertson injured, Braun's options are even fewer on the perimeter.

But Howland won the Ben vs Ben face-off, and managed to sweep their road trip making them the early leader in the Pac-10 ...primaries!

Russell Westbrook continued to have some impressive moments, including a "posterization" (or YouTube'd) moment dunking from Telegraph Avenue. The "Beached Whale" (Kevin Love) continued to be effective while not necessarily dazzling.

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