Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rick Majerus gets in trouble for the wrong reason!

Those who watched Majerus on TV as a basketball analyst know that he did not bother to "filter" what he said. It was streaming out. And we had some fun and exciting quotes from Majerus. From "shower decorum" to "MILFing" and a whole lot more. There are a few websites that keep track of all Majerus-speak.

Ironically though what got Majerus in "trouble" was none of that, but rather his comments on ...abortion! You see Majerus works for a university of the Catholic persuasion and made those comments when speaking in support of a presidential nominee. That angered the Giant Spider, which texted the Saint Louis Archbishop and asked him to fire up the Spanish Inquisition and start a Witch Hunt for someone who dared defend a woman's fundamental human right to have control over her own body.

Also discussed at With Leather. More stories on this at Ball Hype!

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